"The Answer to WHY"
Scalding torrent acid tears scorch my tired eyes.  Red rimmed, blood shot, and burning, turned up to the quiet sky.  Black blood filled with hurt and anger courses through my veins.  Fueled by a heart that's so familiar with such loss and pain.

Searching the midnight sky for answers left by day.  Happiness and comfort are strangers to my life's way. Wondering and wandering about a world that's so unkind.  Waiting for foolish answers to the questions in my mind

Why This One?  Why Her?  There Are So Many Others To Take!  This One Is So Special, Who Dares Decide Her Fate?  Why Couldn't She Stay Longer To Ease My Troubled Life?  The Loss Of This One's Little Soul Cuts Deeper Than A Knife.  No One Else Is Good Enough To Keep Her Safe And Warm.  Who Else Could Be Trusted To Save Her From The Storm?  My Love For Her Is Stronger Than Any Others Could Be.  Why Do I Have To Suffer? She Belongs Right Here With Me!

Thou reeling with the loss of one so vital to my days, I wear my scar so secretly and drift through life's great maze.  Passing minutes turn to hours to mark my time alone.  Then lightening streaks across the room to touch my heart of stone.

The answers come so violently like a hammer to my chest.  Me, who had the nerve to think that I would know what's best.  The sky opened up its eyes with a great torrent of rain.  The silent voice wrapped in thunder said, "I KNOW YOUR PAIN."  "I ASKED THOSE QUESTIONS TOO, BEFORE I SENT HER SOUL TO YOU."

"Home Soon"
Spooky used to whine and cry when I would leave to go to the store.  She would worry that I would be gone for a long time or that she wouldn't see me again.  I would give her a comforting pat on the head and tell her not to worry.  Silly Spooky!  I'll be home before you know it, and we'll be together then!  I just have a few things that I must do. I know it may seem like a long time that were apart, but it will only be a short time before we're together again!  Even though she didn't understand, I knew something more than she did.

Now, it is my turn to cry because I worry that I won't see her again.  As she sits at the Bridge, it is now her turn to silently give me a pat on the head, saying Silly Mommy, ---don't you remember what you told me?  You'll be home before you know it, and we'll be together then!  You just have a few things that you must do.  I know it may seem like a long time that we're apart, but it will only be a short time before 
we're together again!  Now it is her turn to know something more than I do.

email me

A Tribute to Max...

Thank you for letting us know of Max's passing.  She was a great dog and brought the children great joy over the years.  I thought the poem was beautiful and very much enjoyed it.  I know that we will all be reunited some day.  Until then, we just keep their spirit alive in our memories.   
God bless you
I'm sorry to read your e-mail.  Having put down more than one dog and quite a few cats in my life I know how hard it is.
How old was Max?  The bigger breeds do not live all that long.  Sam is turning 10 next month; I know I will miss her tremendously when she dies.  She is such a part of my routine- she walks with me every day to pick up the kids at 3.  They become such a big part of the environment and their sudden absence becomes very obvious and you feel like you're always looking for them.
Anyway, take care.  Hope the kids are handling it ok.  
Dear Lisa,
Thanks for the Email.  What a lovely poem.  It expresses it so well.  Just wanted you to know we are thinking of  you and your husband and the children.  You were fortunate to have such a wonderful intelligent dog.
Of course,  through your book she will live on through the memories of hundreds of children and their parents.  With love
Tears are in my eyes for you and Max right now.  I cried off and on for 48 hours after I put Springer down.  I, like you, thought I had prepared myself for that day but boy was I wrong!  I just checked Mollie for any new growths yesterday and she looks good.
I am sure that Springer is showing Max around her new neighborhood.
Take Care
Dear Lisa,  
All of us know how much Max meant to you.  We are so sorry for your loss and know she is in a very special place. With love
I'm so sorry poor Max got old, those darn pets have a way of getting into our hearts (sometimes deeper than humans) and only when they're gone do we realize just how much we cared for them.  I remember when I had to bury ole Butch, that was one of the hardest things, and I felt a little guilty that I cried so hard for "just a dog."   But hearts usually are more trustworthy than brains and if given the choice I'll pick the heart route, so cry for the animals, because they would do the same for us.
Lisa...A beautiful tribute to your precious girl Max!!!
A Parting Prayer 

Dear Lord, please open your gates and call St. Francis to come escort this beloved companion across the Rainbow Bridge.

Assign her to a place of honor for she has been a faithful servant and has always done her best to please me.

Bless the hands that send her to you,
for they are doing so in love and compassion, freeing her from pain and suffering.

Grant me the strength not to dwell on my loss.  Help me remember the details of her life with the love she has shown me.  And grant me the courage to honor her by sharing those memories with others.

Let her remember me as well and let her know that I will always love her.  And when it's my time to pass over into your paradise, please allow her to accompany those who will bring me home.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of her companionship and for the time we've had together.

And thank you, Lord, for granting me the strength to give her to you now.

-Brandy Duckworth-

I hope this helps a little with your loss. 

Lisa, I am so sorry for your loss. Max is now looking down on you saying "Mommy, don't cry. We will meet again!" I have two German Shepherds myself and the thought of losing them just wouldn't seem real. This tribute to her is very sweet and shows how much you loved her. Max, you are truly an angel how, so run free again. RIP pretty girl.

I can see why she is missed so much.  What a beautiful and dignified baby she is.  She is so gorgeous!!! 
Say hi to Blaze for me Max. 

I know Max and Candy are romping together at rainbow bridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa -- we are so sorry to hear that Max is gone!  What a wonderful dog.  We knew Max since she was one year old.  The kids always had such fund with her in your yard.  We shall miss her too. Please know we send our love and support during this hard time for you all. Love from
I'm so, so sorry to hear about your beautiful Max. My heart is breaking with you because we put our beloved dog, Spunky, to sleep 2 weeks ago today. He was 17 years old. I feel exactly like you do and right before Spunky died, he also seemed to rally a bit for a brief hour and that, of course, fills you with more doubt. Someone told me that maybe that was a gift, to see Spunky feel better again in his final day, so I would have that memory and maybe that's true for Max too. I would not have wanted Spunky's last day to be completely sad and filled with pain.

For me, it was also the hardest decision I've ever made in my life. I held Spunky when he took his final breath and whispered in his ear over and over that I would love him forever. 

When you have a dog for very, very long time you know their every response, every move and gesture.  I'm sure that's the way it was for you and Max. There is no way you would even consider putting her to sleep unless you saw how great her suffering was, even though you doubt that at this moment. I know you did the only thing you could do, given your love for her and his terrible plight. 

There is just no easy way out of this. It was Max's time, and Spunky's time, and even Bear's time and you helped her and loved her to the end. Because of you, she lived a long, good life, the life she was meant to live. How wonderful you have written a book about her so others can learn about Miracle Max!

I personally believe your Max is with the Lord now, running free, but that's another subject. May you find comfort right now in knowing others are holding you in their thoughts and prayers.

God bless
I know what you're thinking. You think I'm dead.
Because you cannot see me with your human eye, cannot feel me with your hands or hold me in your arms you think I am gone forever. You recall how I looked when I left this place and you cannot remotely imagine that I could possibly be alive in another place. You are racked and torn by the pain of our separation and it blinds you to that which is right in front of you...me.

How many times since I left your immediate sight have you been told that I'm dead and you should "get over it?" How many times have you cried yourself to sleep because you feel like an outcast, believing you're supposed to get over me because that's what people say is normal but somehow you can't and no one seems to understand? How many times have you put yourself through such excruciating pain because you aren't willing to consider that I am not, by any means, dead?

I want you to do me a favor and go back in time with me. Remember the glorious day you brought me home - was I not the most intriguing creature you'd ever met? Did I not make you laugh and giggle? Did I not look at you with such adoration that you wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of your life with me? I wanted this too.

Remember the days when I was in my prime and we did many things together. You were so proud of me! I was a good friend and I took care of you when you cried, were angry or felt down and unhappy. When you didn't have a lot of time for me because of your obligations, I waited patiently for you. I was always there when you needed me. Did I not look at you with such acceptance and patience that at times you felt perhaps a bit unworthy? You were never unworthy in my eyes.

Remember when age crept up on me, my bones became stiff and my movements slower. Still I met you at the door when you came home and followed you around the house. We'd been together for so long, I was your very best friend regardless of what you were doing, saying, thinking. Did I not look at you with such kindness and understanding that you felt overwhelmed? I couldn't get enough of you.

Remember the last time we saw each other with earthly eyes. You tried to be brave but I knew you were crying ... I know you so well. Better than anyone else in the whole world. Did I not look at you with such pure trust and love that you yearned only to hold me close and keep me with you always? Did you not promise that you would love me forever? I believed you.

If this is so, then why have you let me go by thinking I no longer exist?

Remember the depth in my eyes all those times I looked at you with adoration, acceptance, patience, trust and love. Who created this depth and love? Would the Creator diminish the song of our laughter which was created in the name of love? I am no longer an earthly figure, this is true. My body was only part of who I really am. My body would have been but a mere shell on earth if it were not filled to overflowing with my soul, my spirit, my loving light. When we met you thought I was cute, sweet, pretty and adorable. But what kind of relationship would we have had if this is all that I'd been? How could you have loved me if I'd had no spiritual substance?

We are all made up of energy which resides far deep down inside of us, it is our core, our soul, spirit and loving light. It is the energy that is all of life ... it has no beginning, it has no end. It simply is and always will be and without it there is no life. You can't see it with the naked eye nor can you hold it in your hand, it is simply a certain knowing that this energy does exist. It's a knowing just as you know that our love existed on earth - you couldn't see our love in a solid sense, you couldn't gather it all up and confine it to one place. But you *knew* it existed. There was no doubt in your mind.

They demand you get over me, insisting that I'm dead and you'll never see me again because animals don't go to Heaven. Oh really? I'm here to tell you different. You were worthy of my love and undying devotion on earth as I was of yours. Do you really believe this love would be snatched from us *forever* by a loving Creator simply because I wasn't human? Was I not a living, breathing creation with personality? How could I have been so if I didn't possess the energy of soul, spirit and loving light? And if this energy is and always will be, then how can it be that I am dead? If my core is not of the energy that is all of life then I was never alive to begin with. But you know better.

You cry because you miss me, this I understand. I miss you too - I miss the belly rubs, hugs and kisses that we shared. But life does go on beyond these wonderful, fulfilling physical connections. I came to this place to live a whole new life, not because I didn't love you anymore or because I wanted something better. I came here because it was time for me to go to the next phase of my existence, something all living creatures must do eventually. It is the normal progression of life. I was not taken away from you because you cannot take away that which was never owned. My presence in your life was and is a gift to be cherished and honored just as I cherish and honor you.

Life is not simply about being born into a body, living a certain number of years and then dying.
Energy cannot die. We are blessed with time in a body so that we can learn, share and grow. It prepares us for the next phase of our eternal life. The body holds within it the true life force of our existence...our soul, spirit and loving light. Without these our bodies would be empty, blank, void of feeling and expression. Without our energy we would indeed be dead and could never have experienced our love for each other.

You say that all you have left are memories. Not so. You see, when I took leave of my earthly body I left a little something behind for you. You can't touch it, hold it or examine it for what I left behind is far too uninhibited for confinement. I left behind a piece of my soul. I placed it right next to your own which is quite fitting as we were always side by side in our earthly life together. I love you too much to have left you with nothing but memories which tend to fade and grow cloudy as the years go by. I love you too much to have vanished without a trace. How selfish it would be of me to remove love and light from your life.

I understand your tears, each one you shed is testament to your love for me and I am honored and humbled. But don't forget the good things we shared - remember and smile. This is an honor for me as well. And when you need me I will be here. Close your eyes, relax, take slow, deep breaths and picture me in your mind. Shut off the world and your notions of what death is and give me a chance. Look for the subtle signs I send you. Don't stop being proud of me, I am a friend to be proud of, I am still your friend and soul mate. Don't memorialize the death of my body but instead honor and celebrate my never-ending life for it is eternal and forever as is my love for you.
Until we meet again..

My name is Abbi.  I’m Max’s cousin down in Florida.  I know how bad you feel about losing Max.  I lost my human family during the recent hurricanes down here in Florida.  I was very sad and confused about not having them around any more.

 Over the past few weeks, I’ve learned that my new human family has had several of their dogs go to a place like Rainbow Bridge: Zack, Sophie, Belle, and most recently, Katie.  I know my family misses these dogs very much because they often mistakenly call me by these old names!   In fact, I get called “Katie” so often, I sometimes think it’s my middle name or something.

I know my new human family has fond and happy memories of these other dogs because they keep calling me by these names while they’re giving me hugs and pats and playing with me and calling me and feeding me and giving me bones.  Not only that, there are photos of these earlier dogs in different places around my new house here in Florida.  So I know that even though these dogs are no longer here, they were important parts of my human family’s life.

 I guess the best I can tell you is that while I know you’re going to miss Max an awful lot, you’ll certainly be able to find room in your heart for another dog.  It won’t be another Max... there will never be another Max.  But I know that there are lots of other dogs—just like me—waiting to be part of your life.  I’m living proof that human hearts do heal… and do make room for new pets.  

 With much love,
Max’s cousin Abbi
~ Max ~
August 1992
Due to an overwhelming response, for which I am deeply grateful, I will continue to post replies.  I am amazed and elated that Max's loss has in fact helped others; people have actually thanked me for sharing Max's story!
Dear Lisa,
I just finished signing your guest book when I noticed that Max is from Misty Ridge - it made me start crying all over again.    My first beloved GSD, Josey, who will always own my heart, also came from Misty Ridge.  She was the best dog in the world.  She was a total dignified lady, who loved to play with kids, was a therapy dog and would protect me if she felt it necessary.  There will never be another dog like her.  We lost her to degenerative mylopathy last year - it just about put me in a mental ward.  I miss her so desperately.  Then my eight year old GSD, Deja Vu, died very unexpectedly two weeks later.   A week after my second dog died, I got up off of the sofa and went to the Fairfax animal shelter and pulled out the most wretched little GSD you have ever seen.  She limped, her eyes were cloudy, she had a horrible respiratory infection and she looked "old as dirt".  I was going to adopt her as a tribute to my beloved dogs that I had just lost.  I could not let her die in that shelter.  Now, believe it or not, that old girl got adopted.  A wonderful, elderly man met her, and his comment was "Well old girl, you look as old in dog years that I do in people years, so I think we'll get along just fine."  He brought her to our rescue reunion in October, and I swear to doG, she is getting younger all the time.  Maggie Moo looks terrific now.  It is absolutely amazing what some TLC will do.  Since Maggie got adopted we took in another senior who was dumped at the shelter to die.  Her name is Jennie and she is a hoot.  She is around 12, limps, (but tries to chase cars inside of our fence!) has seizures and will attack anything that spins.  During the Olympics she went crazy during the Pommel Horse and gymnastic routines!  She almost knocked the TV off of the stand during one attack!  We have had numerous mammary tumors removed from her and they have come back again.  The vet does not want to put her through another surgery, so we are keeping her comfortable for what time she has left.  She has been with us since last Christmas.  She is such a kooky, sweet old girl - we will miss her terribly.
Anyway, sorry for writing such a book - but it just took my breath away when I saw that your Max came from Misty Ridge.  Josey's parents were Gerdie and Star.  
Take good care.
Yours in GSDs and rescue,
Virginia German Shepherd Rescue    
Know I will never leave you,  I will forever reside in the warm places in your memories. And though you may not see me here at your side, if you are quiet you can still feel and hear me.

I have left this world that for me became a chore, and I am in a place where I am whole and well.
Our love will always bind us, now and evermore. I wait for you with love greater than I can tell. 

When we are together I am content and complete. My love and my joy in us knows no end.
If I could have one day on earth I could repeat I'd choose the day that you became my friend.  
Sorry this is so late, but I just was scanning through Petloss and saw your post. I too am a German Shepherd Mom. I lost my male GSD, Roscoe 2 years ago this last October to BLOAT. That is when I too found Petloss. What a Godsend. Now,once again, I am going through hard times. My female GSD, Timber started showing signs of weakness in her hind legs last March. After several visits to the vet, a trip to Colorado to have an MRI done, she was diagnosed with Degenerative Mylopathy, DM for short. It is a non curable disease. It is basically the same as MS in humans. She is slowly becoming paralyzed in her back legs. With this disease, it then moves to the front legs and eventually the brain. We are doing everything possible to stop this progression. She is on several types of vitamins and one prescription pill. We just had her 4th session of acupuncture Friday evening. It breaks my heart to see her try to walk. They have told me to remember....she is not in any pain. She just turned 7 years old Oct. 16th. She reminds me a lot of your beautiful girl Max. When Roscoe died (my male shepherd), I made a web site for him in his memory. I'd love for you to visit it. I didn't know the first thing about web site building, but this particular one had a wizard to help me. Your web site is wonderful. Roscoe's site is:  http://pages.ivillage.com/scover2002
Please accept my condolances on your recent loss. 
Dear Lisa,

I am a friend of Marilyn and
Jack and Emmy.
I had to let go of my beloved
"Babe" today after almost 16 years
of loving companionship.
I visited your web page last
week at Marilyn's suggestion.
It was very comforting and
inspiring.  You helped me
prepare for today's ordeal.
Thank you for sharing your
love of Max with us.
It eases the pain to know that
other pet lovers understand my
With gratitude
Max with her
cousin Nicole.
August 1992
Max's first Halloween
October 1992
Max playing tug-of-war with Ryan.
October 1992
Max, the "baby" of the family, with Lauren and Ryan.
September 1992
Max giving Ryan kisses!
November 1992
Max, Lauren, and Ryan.
"Hey, I thought that was my crate!"
November 1992
I continue to be overwhelmed by the response that "A Tribute to Max" has generated...Thank you!
So many people have asked to see more photos of Max; so here are a few... 
"A Tribute to Max" was updated on... August 11, 2017
Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...
Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...
Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...
Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...
Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...
Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...
Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...Would you like to know more about Max? Click on Max's doghouse to visit MiracleMaxCorp.com...
Lisa....What a beautiful tribute to your Max...Thanks for allowing us to share in her life and history....
Max, when you meet my 'Kelsey Len,' pleeease let her know that her Mom loves her so much.....

I am so sorry for your loss. Max is so beautiful. I love ALL animals, and grew up with every furry, feathered and scaly type there is. BUT, my heart belongs to the GSD. I was mom to 2, Cody and Rio, sadly my girl Cody has been at Rainbow Bridge for 3 1/2 years. She was and still is my heart and soul, my velcro puppy, my soulmate in fur. She took a huge piece of my heart with her, but I still have room to share with my boy Rio, who I love dearly. The Shepherd's just have a way of working themselves into your heart..the devotion, loyalty, intelligence, royalty they possess, their protective yet gentle way captures your heart and mind. I understand your love of Max, she is so deserving of your beautiful tribute, and is so proud of her mom. Have faith you will see her again and she is forever watching over you, your forever Angel. Cherish all of your memories of your sweet girl and know that my thoughts and Prayers are with you.

Hi - I am so sorry for the loss of your Max - she is a beauty. From all the photos you can see she was a well loved family member.  It is always hard to lose one of these very precious souls - but we can in time, think of the many things they did during their time with us whether long or not, that made us smile and gave us a warm feeling.  Remembering how they touched our lives and emotions - fondly and with love for them is a tribute in itself.  I wish you all the best from England.
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Max, I can tell, was so special. I have a 6 month old GSD now. Her name is Freyja. Tony will always be the best GSD, to me, that walked the earth, but Freyja is sweet, loving, gentle, kind and worming her way deep into my heart. I hope someday you will add another GSD to your heart and home.

We at vom Eichen Hugel German Shepherds hope you are having a wonderful time at Rainbow Bridge!!

Lisa, time heals the pain but Max will never be forgotten!

That was a beautiful tribute to your beloved Max.  It sounds like she was a very special girl, and you had 12 wonderful years with her.  Reading through it brought back many bittersweet memories of my own departed friends.  Thanks for sharing.
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Max and her Easter basket.
Easter 1994
Max's 2nd Birthday!
(In case you are wondering; that is a "bone cake" with a #2 candle.)
June 5, 1994
I'm so sorry to hear you've gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  You were a handsome lass and probably made all the guys whistle when you walked by!
See you on the other side of the bridge!
Thank you so much for all of your continuing guest book entries, notes, phone calls, and e-mails!  
Yes, I will continue to post your notes as well as photos of Max and my children; thank you for asking!  I hope you enjoy the latest updates...Lisa 

~ ~ ~
"The shepherd should be stamped with a look of quality and nobility, difficult to define but unmistakable when present. A good German Shepherd Dog never looks common."
~ The AKC German Shepherd Dog Standard ~
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Hi Lisa,
Thank you for visiting our site www.gsdceva.com
I am so sorry to hear about your loss, it is always devastating to lose our pets.  
It looks like she lived a good life though.  Twelve years is very good for a Shepherd.
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A Tribute to Max...
(November 20th ~ One week later)  
I am deeply touched by the outpouring of empathy, optimism, and faith that I have received since November 13th. I have come to realize that other people do understand what I am going through; they have been through the same thing with their pets... their best friends.  
I would like to share some of the wonderful replies I have received. If you are reading this, and your pet is ill, or you too had a friend who loved you unconditionally ; I hope the following helps in some way...
(I have intentionally edited some replies and taken out names; for privacy.)  
(If you would like your name and/or your pet's name(s) included please let me know.)
I will be updating "A Tribute to Max" as time goes by. One of the first things that I will do is to add additional photos of Max.  
Thank you to everyone who has already offered their sympathy 
on the loss of Max. 

Lisa B. C. O'Connell
***MiracleMaxCorp.com is a safe family/kid-friendly website. Please remember that children will be reading your Guest Book entries. I will monitor the Guest Book as often as possible; and will delete any "questionable" entries. If you have a question regarding content PLEASE send me an e-mail before submitting your entry. Thank you very much.***
Dear Miracle Max Mystery Club Members and all Visitors -
I would like to thank you for visiting "A Tribute to Max."
If you would like to leave a message for Max and/or me; 
please write whatever you would like in the Guest Book.
If you have a pet that you would like to write about; 
please feel free to tell us about your special pet.
If you have a sick or injured pet, or if you have "lost" your best friend, 
like I have; please write down anything that you would like to share.
Of course, you are welcome to just Sign Your Name in the 
Guest Book...
I would like to thank EdW and everyone else at the Petloss.com website for all of their empathetic words and valuable support. Petloss.com is a wonderful 
"Pet Loss Grief Support Website"
I first created this website as a tribute to Max...over the years it has turned into a website for anyone who loves dogs, cats; ok...animals! 
Please sign the Guest Book and share with us about your pet!  
And, feel free to send me an email anytime...  Lisa

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Max's            Paw Print!

Rainbow Bridg
Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. 

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. 
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. 
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. 

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. 
The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. 

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. 

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. 

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.... 

Author unknown... 
~ Miracle Max von Misty Ridge ~ 
June 5, 1992 ~ November 13, 2004
Max was loving, beautiful, intelligent, loyal, protective, selfless, and sweet.  
I miss her deeply and will never forget her; she will live forever in my heart. Max was always there for me; and now she's gone...
hopefully to Rainbow Bridge!
Hi! I am a volunteer with the Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue. MAGSR is dedicated to rehabilitating and providing a second chance to German shepherds and shepherd mixes that have been abandoned, abused, lost, strayed, or surrendered. Please stop by...and, please consider making a donation. Thank you!  Lisa